Merchant Cash Advance

Get the money you need to grow your business from the Merchant Cash Advance experts.

  • Easy 5-minute approval (over phone)
  • Receive funding up to $250,000 in days
  • No personal collateral required
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Merchant Cash Advance

With 90% of small businesses being turned down for loans, merchants have become stranded without the capital they need to grow their business. Those unwilling to accept this lack of funding as the new status quo turn to Fastpoint. By partnering with Fastpoint, access to working capital is restored through our Merchant Cash Advance Program.

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How Fastpoint Merchant Advances Work

Our program is simple: We will buy a portion of your future credit & debit card transactions at a discounted rate today, and as customers pay you, your advance is fulfilled with a small, fixed percentage of your daily transactions.
  • Get your money in days, not months
  • Easy approval (even with bad credit)
  • Flexible repay based on sales volume

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Growing Your Business with Fastpoint

Fastpoint provides quick access to working capital plus additional resources, tools, and guidance to help you manage and grow your business. We trust our partners, and place no restrictions on how to use Fastpoint funds.
  • Purchase new equipment
  • Expand or remodel
  • Pay for inventory or supplies
  • Pay taxes or settle past-due accounts
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Merchant Cash Advance

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Important: A Merchant Cash Advance is not a consumer loan product. Only merchants with a credit card processing account may apply for a Merchant Cash Advance through Fastpoint. For more detailed information on determining whether a Merchant Cash Advance is right for you, see our Responsible Funding Policy

Free Quote: 1-888-910-1003